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 "Monomagnesium malate®" is the proprietary active ingredient in MgBRIGHT®, the magnesium for muscle cramps and spasms.  Monomagnesium malate® and MgBRIGHT® were researched and developed by MgBRIGHT LLC in 2011. The product is ONLY available through this website -- it is not sold on Amazon or in any local vitamin stores.  


What it is: monomagnesium malate® is an enhanced formulation of magnesium malate.  Unlike other magnesium malate products, monomagnesium malate® is fully chemically-reacted, without residual oxides (which cause gastric irritation and digestive upset, and prevent optimal absorption).  Since those other malate products are NOT fully chemically-reacted, they are just dry mixes of magnesium oxide powder and malic acid powder -- without having undergone the necessary chemical reactions to BIND the magnesium to the malic acid. Not only are they misleading, they are less potent, more irritating, and less absorbing. 


Monomagnesium malate® is more expensive than regular magnesium malate because it costs more to manufacture a superior product. However, we are so confident that you will be delighted by the results you see from our magnesium, we have the most generous refund policy of any magnesium product available: if you are unhappy with the product for ANY REASON, even if you have used the ENTIRE BOTTLE, you can return it for a 110% refund within 120 days of purchase. 

Thousands of People Just Like You Use and Love MgBRIGHT Every Day -- But it is Only Available Through This Website!


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